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  • The Small Business Research Initiative is a government-backed initiative aimed at driving innovation and fostering collaboration between public sector organizations and small businesses. By creating a bridge between the public sector’s challenges and the agility of small businesses, SBRI aims to stimulate economic growth, tackle societal challenges, and promote the development of cutting-edge solutions. In this guide, you will:
    • Understand the concept and objectives of the SBRI programme and how it promotes innovation.
    • Explore the various sectors and thematic areas where SBRI projects are active.
    • Discover how SBRI funding opportunities are designed to support small businesses in developing and commercializing innovative products and services.
    • Learn about successful case studies and examples of projects that have thrived through SBRI support.
    • Access valuable resources and information on upcoming SBRI competitions, application processes, and key deadlines.

    Whether you represent a small business looking to partner with the public sector or a public organization seeking innovative solutions, this guide will serve as your essential companion to navigate the SBRI programme and unlock new opportunities for innovation and collaboration.



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How does SBRI contribute to economic growth?

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What does the term "Value for Money" mean in the context of SBRI funding?

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What is the purpose of Phase 2 in the SBRI process?

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What is the primary role of Innovate UK in SBRI implementation?

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How does SBRI help SMEs access government contracts?

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What is the main objective of SBRI in promoting collaboration between the public sector and SMEs?

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In which phase of the SBRI process are feasibility studies conducted to assess the viability of proposed solutions?

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What type of organizations are commonly eligible for SBRI funding?

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