• The UKSPF Guide – Nurturing Growth and Development, offers a comprehensive overview of the UKSPF (United Kingdom Shared Prosperity Fund) programme.The United Kingdom Shared Prosperity Fund is a significant government initiative designed to replace EU structural funds post-Brexit. Aimed at reducing regional disparities and fostering growth and prosperity across the UK, the UKSPF will support a wide range of projects and activities to address economic and social challenges.In this guide, you will:
    • Understand the key objectives and priorities of the UKSPF and how it aims to promote economic growth and social cohesion.
    • Explore the sectors and areas that will be eligible for funding under the UKSPF programme.
    • Learn about the application process and eligibility criteria for accessing UKSPF funding.
    • Access real-life examples of successful projects that have previously been funded through similar initiatives.
    • Discover resources and information on how to align your projects with the UKSPF’s vision and objectives.

    Whether you represent a community organization, local authority, business, or nonprofit, this guide will serve as your essential resource to navigate the UKSPF and unlock opportunities for growth and development in your region.



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What is the budget for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund for three financial years (2022-5)?

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Which investment priorities are a part of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF)?

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Every single local authority in the UK has been allocated a dedicated pot of UKSPF to spend?

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What will multiply funding be used to?

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UKSPF allocations do not vary each year, i.e. 2022-3 is the same as 2024-5?

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Which of the following will you need to contact in order to benefit from support funded by UKSPF?

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Which of the following funding elements are included in the UKSPF?

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Is match funding required for all UKSPF projects?

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Which of the following is the UKSPF governed by?

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