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The Turing Scheme Guide – Unlocking Opportunities for Global Britain, offers a comprehensive overview of the Turing Scheme programme. The Turing Scheme is a government-funded initiative that provides opportunities for UK students, learners, and pupils to study or work abroad. Aimed at promoting international education and understanding, the Turing Scheme will support a wide range of projects and activities to help participants develop new skills, gain vital international experience, and boost their employability.

In this guide, you will:

  • Understand the key objectives and priorities of the Turing Scheme and how it aims to promote international education and understanding.
  • Explore the sectors and countries that will be eligible for funding under the Turing Scheme programme.
  • Learn about the application process and eligibility criteria for accessing Turing Scheme funding.
  • Access real-life examples of successful projects that have previously been funded through the Turing Scheme.
  • Discover resources and information on how to align your projects with the Turing Scheme’s vision and objectives.

Whether you represent a school, college, university, or other organisation that can benefit from the Turing Scheme, this guide will serve as your essential resource to navigate the scheme and unlock opportunities for global learning and development.


Turing Scheme

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What is the Turing Scheme

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Who is eligible to receive funding under the Turing Scheme?

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How is the qualitative assessment conducted for Turing Scheme applications?

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The Turing Institute collaborates with which of the following?

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