The EPM Academy guide – Understanding URBACT IV opportunities for Green, Just and Digital Transitions provides an overview of the current URBACT IV programme.

URBACT is a European exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development, driving change all over Europe since 2002 by enabling the cooperation and idea exchange amongst cities within thematic networks, by building the skills of local stakeholders in the design and implementation of integrated and participatory policies, and by sharing knowledge and good city practices. Partners share ideas around bottom-up initiatives and co-design long-term strategies and urban policies – all at European and local levels.

This EPM Guide helps you to:

  • Find out who is eligible for the funding and in what countries
  • Learn more about the URBACT IV Action Planning Networks, Transfer Networks, Innovation Transfer Mechanism Networks and Good Practices
  • Read examples of successful green networks that have previously been funded
  • Learn where to find further information about URBAT IV open calls


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Does URBACT IV support cities to develop integrated practices and learn a great deal from each other’s experiences, funding and supporting networks of cities?

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What programming period does the URBACT IV run from 2021 to 2027?

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Which of these support are provided by URBACT IV to their Networks?

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What are the different types of networks that URBACT IV runs to enable Cities to develop their activities as part of their URBACT Local Group?

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How many partner cities can take part in each URBACT IV Network?

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What is the series of processes and tools that URBACT IV has developed to encourage cities to re-think centralised governance structures and a shift towards more inclusive and holistic models?

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Which crosscutting EU priorities does the current URBACT IV programme integrate into its activities? 

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Are the 27 EU Member States plus Norway, Switzerland and IPA countries eligible to apply to the URBACT IV programme?

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Which organisations are eligible beneficiaries for an URBACT IV programme?

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