Book your Project Scoping Session:
​Do you have a project idea or have you identified a funding call that you wish to apply for but you are unsure how to start, or even if it is a good idea?
Are you wondering how to position your project to get the best chance of success?
Book a scoping meeting with our Team of experts and get advice and tips from the start of your application journey.

Price: £550 +VAT
2H scoping meeting and 1H follow-up session with our experts.

Grant application Review Service:
​Have you made a start on your application and are you at the stage of having produced a first draft? Are there some sections that you feel happier about than others perhaps or are you not even sure if you have met the requirements?
Book a grant application review service with our Experts who are also evaluators on some of these funding streams.
They will be your critical friends, providing you with useful feedback to improve your application and provide you with the best chance of success.
Price= £800 + VAT

EPM consultancy as a Partner:
We run our own partnerships and grant funding projects. We have an Impact Service offer where we join some consortium to help evidence the impact of outcomes/work packages or act as the compliance officer, helping with financial reporting and project management, claim process etc.
Contact us if you want EPM to become a Partner in your Grant Application :